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Suggestions for resources, for reading Romanian

Can anyone suggest useful resources for practising reading Romanian? For that matter, listening to audio and watching video too, but slowly translating text is more my speed at the moment.

I've had a brief search, and there are no obvious sources of easily available Romanian books. I can find a handful of books on sites like Amazon, but these err towards Dictionaries. Project Gutenberg seems to have virtually nothing in Romanian. I suspect there must be more out there, but it's hard to determine the correct search terms.

My Romanian is still very poor, so at this stage, I probably need to be reading the Romanian equivalents of "Where's Spot?" :) A broad range of books at different levels would probably be useful, however.

Whilst I'll attempt to read things likes news sites and blogs, they tend to be a bit far ahead of me, so I rapidly get out of my depth.

Free is good, but I'm not beyond paying for (e)books.

April 27, 2017

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You might want to try searching the web for Romanian Childrens Books and see if that turns up anything. I can't google stuff because of parental filters but good luck!

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