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  5. "Akinunua viazi atalipa"

"Akinunua viazi atalipa"

Translation:If he buys potatoes, he will pay

April 27, 2017



Translation error..


If she buys potatoes she will pay


If he/she buyS potatoes, he/she will pay


The whole Swahili program needs a major overhaul. The "correct" English translations become unacceptable.


Yes. Now, if they wanted "If he were to buy potatoes", it would at least be grammatical. This is the worst English translation I've found so far, and it does seem as if there is no one working on the course at the present time. I have reported lots of these and am getting nothing back, much like the guarani course that was abandoned (and seems to be reviving, since I have gotten a lot of your translation has been accepted notifications)


I understand why the Duolingo people made this error. The conditional in English used to be indicated by the subjunctive mood (as they have done here). However, English has changed over the centuries and the subjunctive now only exists in a few archaic sayings like "if I were you" (and even that is changing to "if I was you"). The correct English translation is If he/she buys potatoes.....


more precisely, the subjunctive is used for unlikely scenarios: if I were you, if I were king, if he were my dad.... But buying potatoes is not an unlikely scenario.....


Please please fix these swa-inglesi translations


‘If he buys’ is still not accepted.


Duolingo you are wrong and we are right! It is: If he buys potatoes, he will pay.


It is becoming annoying ... there is no way to give a right answer. I can't memorize those wrong answers. I will have to start to write them down to be used a next time....


The answer is now grammatically correct, but unintentionally threatening!!! :)


Does the entire Swahili course sound like a bad Mafia movie to anyone else?


Weird sentence.

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