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"It is recommended that you do not eat after eighteen o'clock."

Translation:Se recomandă să nu mâncați după ora optsprezece.

April 27, 2017



English people do not use the form "o'clock" with the 24 hour clock. It is either: "six o'clock" or "eighteen hundred hours".


Completely agree with comment below, "eighteen o'clock" sounds very strange indeed. We would probably say "after six o'clock in the evening".


I find it ridiculous that a more accurate translation, or a equally good translation is not accepted. It is = este Recommended = recomandat That you = ca tu Do not eat = să nu mănânci After eighteen o'clock = după ora optsprezece


Have they never learned that we use a.m. and p.m. and NEVER say o'clock beyond the 12. Who does their translation? Evidently not an English person. My ESOL students are taught that in one of the first lessons about making appointments/ visiting a doctor.


Eighteen o'clock is not said in English. It is either 6 o'clock or eighteen hundred hours. The latter is mostly military in application.

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