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  5. "Tofautisha kisayansi"

"Tofautisha kisayansi"

Translation:Differentiate scientifically

April 27, 2017



I just realised that I'm learning big scientific words like this but still haven't learnt the Swahili words for Yes or No! LOL


Yes - ndiyo/naam No - hapana/siyo/la


-tofautisha is this all verb root?


It's in the imperative form, which is just the verb stem without any inflection


Kutofautsiha: to contrast, to distinguish, to make a distinction.


This sucks. I'm missing context here. Why do we need to lear this word? How is it used? I have no idea and the dictionary hint is not accepted as a proper translation.


What I get from here is to differentiate between the noun "sayansi" (science) and the adjective/adverb "kisayansi" (scientific/scientifically). From that, I get that "kisayasi" must be affecting the verb "tofautisha" here.

Since "tofautisha" means compare/differentiate, the sentence must be a. Compare (these things) scientifically!, or b. Differentiate (these things) scientifically

(Which is what I'm now trying to do with the possible answers.) I think it is a functioning example. For me, the answer is also respresented in the dictionary hints.

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