Duolingo Subscription Price ( Brasil )

Hello, I'm not sure wether I should post this here but I couldn't find any other means to reach contact support from Duolingo.

I started using duolingo in 2013 and it has always been a wonderful app concerning all kinds of aspects, from design, interface, system, content and community, and also if I recall it was completely ad-free back then in 2013.

It's sound and clear to me that apps like this have a cost and need financial support, so I have nothing against duolingo recurring to ad's and subscription plans. I think you provide an excellent service and it's fair for the users to have to pay for it or read the ads from the companies that do.

Now, said that, let's go to what my topic is about. Since I really like Duolingo and I'm very willing to support it financialy, and also getting rid of ad's is a great benefit to me, I went and searched for the subscription plans. It happens that I found only one option that costs 30BRL. (29.99)

Here in Brazil the spotify premium subscription costs 16.9BRL, and Netflix standart subscription costs 22.9BRL. So here is my point: why is duoling so much more expensive than these other services? Isn't it more beneficial to Duolingo to lower their subscription price and get more subscribers? I don't feel like paying the current monthly price for Duolingo, but I would happly pay 10BRL for example.

The balance between what advertisers pay and how much can Duolingo lean on users subscription revenue is up to you, but I think you could harvest more subscribers with more appealing plan benefits and prices. (I could pay 50BRL if I had a one-time-per-month text assignment revised and commented by a Duolingo Italian teacher, so you see my point.)

Hopefully you will take this in and come out with a nice response :) I'm also open for further discussion.


April 27, 2017


Good point!

Fully agreed!

September 15, 2017

Actually, in the Czech Republic we have the same "issue". The price for our market is set to 299 CZK/month. In Germany it is just 260 CZK (9,99 €). Our salaries in CZ are 3-4x lower than in Germany.

Common, guys, you should set a different pricing model for "poor markets". Even for our market we have a different price for Netflix and Spotify...

September 16, 2017

Thanks for adding to the discussion faktor82! Let's hope Duolingo will do something about this someday!

September 27, 2017

Well, I must confess, last Friday I tried a 1 month subscription with high I took a mid-haul flight and thought that Duolingo will make my flight way productive and "shorter". Actually, I was wrong. The offline version of Duolingo is just useless. First, you need to download lessons one by one manually. This is fine if you are planning to learn a new language, you can somehow estimate how many exercises you are going to learn. But, in case of repeating the learnt lessons, it is useless. You can also download them but once you switch to flight mode, it just doesn't work. Even if you downloaded them for offline use. On top of that you can't even switch between the languages. So, all the downloaded lessons for "new language" I just couldn't use. I know I should have looked for these information somewhere in the forums, how does offline/Plus version of Duolingo works but I really didn't expect issues like this and, even when you click/tap to get Plus, there is no list of features for iPhone. Just offline use and no adds. Sorry but this is really useless for me. New lessons work also in the free version. Up to 9 exercises...

September 28, 2017

Uau, that's really bad! Those are simple functionalities that should have been implemented even before they released the paid version. Thanks for updating us on that. So now I'm sure it's not worth it subscribing for the priced plan. Best wishes!

September 29, 2017

True, it's too expensive

May 4, 2019
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