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  5. "Я пробую новое мороженое."

"Я пробую новое мороженое."

Translation:I am tasting the new ice cream.

April 27, 2017



Once again, the hover hint omits the correct answer. This type of fault is getting really irritating, DL.


Would it not be more natural to translate this to "I WILL try a new ice cream", since I can't think of a situation where a native speaker would say "I try a new ice cream", unless they were putting on a Russian accent and pretending not to be a native speaker! It seems a very common 'mistake' to translate this as such, possibly because there is no direct translation for such a Russian formulation


Seems fine as is.

"What are you doing?" "I'm trying the new ice cream."


There are many situations where it can be said, but require very specific context or other clauses.


Why is "I'm trying new ice-cream" not accepted? As a native English speaker "tasting" is odd, unless someone is doing an ice-cream tasting as you should wine-tasting.


"Я пробую новое мороженое." It means -"I try the new ice cream at this moment."


(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

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