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Need Some Advice

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about starting Irish, but I wanted to get some info before I do.

1. Is learning two languages at once difficult? (French and Irish specifically)

2. Is Irish a good choice as a second language?

3. All Irish speakers (whether learning or native) could you please give me some tips about the language? (i.e. how difficult it is, how well Duo teaches, what you like about it, any helpful info about it)

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


April 27, 2017



1.- If you like, want, need or love a language, study two then. 2.- Irish is a celtic language, and french is a romance one, so you're going to have some problems with them. 3.- Irish is difficult cause it has things like Lenition and eclipsis, but if you practice them a lot, you're going to find it easy.


I have Irish background so that was my motivation for wanting to start it. I think it is absolutely beautiful! I think that if I were to start it though, I would probably focus more on Irish than French. Overall, do you think I should?


Of course! If you have fell in love with Irish, you would finish the tree in no time.


Thanks! I think I will start it Monday!


All right!! Good luck with Irish!!


Thanks! Good luck with your (many) studies!

  1. No, it's not, especially if the two languages aren't related at all. All you need is to give both equal time to practice.

  2. Yes, it is.


Thanks! I'm definitely considering it.

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