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I want, Esiau/esio vs. mwyn

today I heared a new word mwyn (i think im spelling it right?) meaning 'to want' before today id only heard esiau and its variant esio so my question is do they mean exactly the same thing, are they regional differences or do they infact have a different meaning? any help appreciated thanks

April 27, 2017



There is a full explanation of this, with examples, in the hints and tips notes for the section 'Wanting 2/3'.


"Moyn" is a word used mostly in areas of south Wales whereas "Eisiau" and "Isio" amongst other forms are more common across Wales. They do all have the same meaning but their grammars are different. "Moyn" acts like a normal verb and as such takes "yn" i.e "Dw i'n moyn". "Eisiau/Isio" on the other hand is actually a noun and as such does not act like a normal verb and take "yn" i.e "Dw i eisiau/isio."
Otherwise "Mwyn" is a word, though as a noun it means "Ore" or "Mineral" (Though I would probably say "Mineral" for that), and as an adjective it has the meaning of "Mild", "Meek" or "Gentle". (Full list on Ap geiriaduron.

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