"I am fat because I eat a lot!"

Translation:Eu sunt gras din cauză că mănânc mult!

April 27, 2017



Basically three forms of "becuase" are interchangeable or if I am not native speaker the differences are too subtle so Romanian would understand me but most likely would use different 'synonim' if let's say I would use "din causa ca" and he/she would use "deoarece"?

April 27, 2017


Indeed, you could say

  • Eu sunt gras din cauză că mănânc mult! (this variant has a negative vibe like you are blaming the fact of being fat on eating a lot)
  • Eu sunt gras datorita faptului că mănânc mult! (this variant has a positive vibe as if you are thankful of eating a lot for making you fat, think of it as saying thanks to in English)
  • Eu sunt gras pentru că mănânc mult! (this one is neutral)
  • Eu sunt gras deoarece mănânc mult! (this one is also neutral)

Even native Romanians sometimes fail to understand such subtleties leading to phrases like

  • Am un job mai bun din cauza ta. (I have a better job because of you - with the negative vibe) which should be datorită ție (thanks to you - positive vibe). Note that in this scenario we cannot easily use pentru că or deoarece without introducing other words in the sentence.

We can also be ironic, just like in English, and say

  • M-am rănit datorită ție (I got hurt thanks to you) instead of non-ironic din cauza ta.
April 27, 2017


What's the most popular variant of "because" in Romanian? Colloquial

August 5, 2017


In my opinion pentru că because of its neutrality. In more formal cases, deoarece also for its neutrality.

August 5, 2017


De ce este rău "foarte mult"? Mulțumesc!

July 20, 2017


Nu e rău deloc, "a lot" poate să insemne (foarte)" mult"

July 23, 2017



July 24, 2017
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