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What do we think about Latin?

I've been dying-and trying-to learn Latin for almost 6 years but I haven't been able to find an efficient way to learn it. Rosetta Stone has Latin, but Rosetta Stone is dang expensive. Since Duolingo can do fictional languages like Klingon and Valyrian, why not Latin? I would absolutely love to be able to learn Latin on Duolingo.

April 27, 2017



I would like it here. Meanwhile, the unofficial Duolingo wiki page lists some resources: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Latin


There is a very nice informal course already available (in progress) on Duo

You may be interested in Schola Latína Európæa & Úniversális in líneá, which uses the Assimil course that Feliksia89 mentioned, which is the one written by Desessard (be sure you do not get the other). It starts in September of any given year. You have to buy a copy of the course materials to participate (French or Italian, and perhaps now German, as well), which is only fair, but the course presenters will help you out if you can't read either of those languages. If you wish to buy the course, by the way, amazon.com offers it for easily twice the price that you can purchase it for from Europe, so you may want to order from, say, amazon.fr or the publisher.

That online course is definitely worthwhile, but as it begins only once a year in September you may want to work on Latin before then. The Lingua Latina per se Illustrata course by Hans Ørberg is very good. It is completely in Latin but starts out so simply that it works for many people. See the descriptions and links on the Indwelling site and in a presentation on YouTube, which (the latter) also discusses the Assimil book. The Ørberg books are available from different publishers in Europe and the U.S.

Or you might enjoy using a traditional grammar book and working w/ a group. This Latin LISTSERV usually starts courses 2 or 3 times a year, 90% of which, I'd say, use Frederic Wheelock's Latin Grammar (which is a very good traditional Latin primer--it's what I used years ago, and see the Indwelling link above for more discussion).

Best of success! Feel free to ask, if you have questions.

[Edited to label the links.]


You are awesome! Thanks so much!


You're welcome. I blush. ;) And if the lingots are from you, thanks! Hope you find something that works great for you. Don't miss this link (which I gave above)--it is entertaining and gives good advice.


Not a half-bad idea! I personally would love to have 2-3 languages in which I can hold a full conversation.


I agree. It's an absorbing language, it sounds beautiful.

[deactivated user]

    The only "method" i know to study/learn latin with a textbook is a book called assimil. The problem is that this course has been released only in french and italian.



    Ignore the price, it is a bit poverpriced but it is a good course, but in any case you can find the audio on the web easily and buy only the book (and actually i found on the web the italian version in pdf).


    I agree! I'd like to advise you not to wait for Duolingo, just keep learning, you'll get there! In the meantime, there's this podcast in Latin that can help you, I personally like it. And here's the RSS feed.

    Side note: It's best and most safe not to share personal information on the internet, such as your age. Duolingo Guidelines also prohibit sharing one's age (under "Think before you share"), so, please edit your post and delete the part that reveals your age! (And I'm not saying you can't handle yourself!)


    Thanks for the tip!


    Yes, I hope it will come here soon.

    But don't wait for it. This book is a marvel.

    And the dedicated Duolinguist carpelanum has been making unofficial Duo Latin lessons for a good while and, critically, there's a Memrise course very much in the style of Duolingo sentences.

    Both that course and the general vocab one are linked at the bottom here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8053459


    I looked up carpelanum's lessons and they're awesome! Thanks for the info!

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