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Lingots... Timed Practice or Progress Quiz?

For a long (ish) time, I have been contemplating this question... How am I gonna spend my Lingots? With these two options in the Lingot store: Timed Practice or Progress Quiz, I was wondering if anyone has used either of the two and if so, what do you think about them, and which one should I get? XD

April 27, 2017



You should get timed practice! its fun and gets you XP faster


AND it never expires! :)


In my opinion, the Progress Quiz is useless, especially for me, because I have to take German quizzes irl for school. I think that Timed Practice is a much better option because you can (as close to possible on Duolingo) "simulate" (I put it in air quotes because it's not really that good of a simulation) (sorry for all the parentheses (it's so hard for me to stop using them!)) real life experiences. In real life, you won't have time to look a word up or hover over it, so Timed Practice trains you to do things quickly, but also quality, not just quantity, as the amount of xp you get depends on how many answers you get right. You can also use Timed Practice forever, not just once like a Progress quiz.


Times practice because it's more lifelike and you get instant feedback. Also it can be used in any language you are studying.


I'd take Timed Practice - it is permanent, and it is an excellent way of practising, and gaining XP.


definitely timed practice!


Well, they're not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually beneficial. But for now there's absolutely no reason not to have Timed Practice. It's tremendously useful and accessible indefinitely.


I prefer Timed Practice. They go quicker for me than normal practice and I found they rebuild skills quicker. I could be wrong, but very rarely can I ever strengthen two skills at once with normal practice, but with Timed Practice I can strengthen up to 3 at a time. I definitely do not regret getting Timed Practice. If I could use it on mobile I would. I use it almost exclusively on Web version.


I got timed practice in the end, but I don't know how to activate it. lol . . . Question, how do you activate timed practice? Thanks XD

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