Just got 5/5 Spanish certificate!

I'm so excited and honestly quite shocked as I thought I got quite a few wrong! This is HUGE improvement over my 3.26 score a few months ago and even better than my 4.71 score in French (which I always thought I was better at!)

March 17, 2014


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March 17, 2014

COngrats!! I am quite impressed. felicidades! (i have no idea how to say that in French) lol

OMG I just noticed how far you are in all of those languages! Cela m'inspire beacoup! :D

Wow! You are on a roll!

If you saw my above post, I've actually gotten 5.0 in Spanish AND French.

I took 4 years of French and 1 year of Spanish in school, but I gave up because I felt I wasn't getting as fluent as I had hoped to be, despite getting mostly A's. It wasn't until I saw Tim Doner's Youtube video (if you're not familiar, I can give you the link) that I decided to give language-learning another shot. Now, I'd say I'm squarely C1 is Spanish and French, and probably B1 or B2 in German, Italian, and Portuguese.

So I have a few pieces of advice if you're interested:

If you see or hear anything in your target language, translate it. If you see of hear anything in English, do your best to translate it to your target language. If you're about to say something in English, think about how you might say it in your target language. The goal is to make natural connections between your native language and your target language.

Surround yourself in your target language. I watch a lot of TV, so I set my TV to SAP - this will trigger the Spanish audio for a lot of sporting events, as well as some shows like Family Guy. Listen to music in other languages, and watch movies with foreign audio and subtitles. This will help you to bridge the gap between written language and spoken language.

Practicing with native speakers helps a lot, but it can be discouraging. I've had Mexicans laugh at me behind my back saying "¡jajajaja este gringo piensa que habla espanol!" I've had French people act like stereotypes to me because even though my French is basically correct, my American accent still comes out hard. Fortunately, there are communities out there specifically for people who want to improve their conversationalism. In my area, there is an Alliance Française which holds a few events every month where people just go to a café or something and speak as much French as they can.

I don't really use any books. Books may help, but are not essential. There are several websites out there that are just as helpful as books. has some really helpful pages for understanding grammar rules, conjugations, etc. is another really big one.

Good Luck!

hey, thanks for the comment! can you recommend any good sites for watching shows with spanish dub and subtitles?

There are tons of Netflix shows with both Spanish dub and subtitles. I just started watching the Pokémon show in Spanish - love it!

Fantastic! There are some other threads suggesting that the French certificate is much harder (or something), so maybe you are better at French.

The Spanish certificate is definitely much easier than the Italian or French ones. On my first attempt, I scored 4.85 in Spanish. I was only a third through the tree then, and most of my Spanish skill actually came from my knowledge of Italian. I have lived in Italy for some time, and my Italian is almost fluent, but I only scored 4.61. My French (score: 4.14) is also certainly much better than my Spanish.

Congrats to araparseghian nonetheless, 5/5 is impressive!

Now I just have to get up to your level, lol

If you want to :) My highest mark in the certificate is 4.85.

No, I mean your level 24!

I know. I was just offering you the consolation prize that you beat me in the certificate. :)

Dat SMEXY streak doe xD

Congratulations! Also, I love the avatar. :D

Congratulations! :) You're amazing and you really inspire me!! I've just started learning Spanish and French but for me it's even harder because English is not my native language. I'm Czech. I hope one day I'll be as good as you are!

I'll bet it's hard, one of the toughest things to do is transition between Slavic and Western languages because the syntax is so different. With what little Russian I know, I've had a ❤❤❤❤❤ of a time trying to understand the prefixes and suffixes. Best of luck!

Yeah, it's pretty hard. I have some difficulties but I'm trying hard because I love studying languages and I really want to be fluent in Spanish and French :) So I think it worths it!

I got a 0.99. >_<

LOL I didnt even finish I got so frusterated

well look at you rockin and a rollin.... Congratz :)

Congratulations! :D (On an unrelated note, does anyone know why it's 5.00/5.0 instead of 5.00/5.00? It's bothering my OCD haha)

¡Felicitaciones! Mi nota en el mismo examen es 4.26..... Uy. Pero solo por ahora.

Lo tome de nuevo. Eso es lo que hice.

Congrats. I just got a 4.55/5 on my first attempt at the Spanish certificate, after 56 days on Duolingo. (Yes, my streak began on my first day.)

Congratulations! Such a great accomplishment! And...I love your picture too, Captain Picard ;)

congratuation and a lingot from me!

Great work. Need to keep plugging away myself!

what lang is that? It's not spanish

Congrats - How long is the Spanish test? I am about 2/3 thru my tree, should I even bother at this point?

If you feel like you're ready, go for it!

not 25 lingots ready - lol

I've taken it 3 times, highest score 1.88 I plan on taking it frequently

have you brought other reference books to learn Spanish pronunciation?

No, with all the resources out there to learn Spanish, I haven't needed any. However, if I'm going to start learning a more esoteric European language (which I plan on doing), I'll probably need some books.

you only use the resources of duolingo, or you've been searching for those on the internet?

I tend to use and, those are really helpful for learning grammar rules.

Hahah. I love the the sig at the bottom!


way to go!! I can't wait to get mine.

Congratulations!!!! 5/5 in both Spanish and French is wonderful!! :D

Congratulations! I also wonder, do you have to pay the full 25 lingots every time you want to pass?

Every time you want to take the test

how do you learn so many languages

I just try to make a little time for it after work and on the weekend. Haven't been doing much lately, though.

That's awesome! Congrats!

It'd be nice if we could receive official certificates from Duolingo.

Yes. I was hoping for paper, too. It would be easier to show employers.

Congrats! Just got my 5/5 today! Still got 4 topics left in the tree though...

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