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Finished the German Tree!

Today, after about 5 months of studying and a very hard work, I have finally finished the German tree! I'm really excited since I have worked very hard doing it! At this opportunity, I would like to thank the Duolingo team for making this amazing German course available for free, and I'd also like to thank all the community members who are always willing to help and answer your questions.

Doing the German tree was a lot of fun. Duolingo makes language learning really enjoyable. To continue my learning, I will be redoing all the skills that are becoming non-gold, enriching my vocabulary with Memrise and maybe even doing the reverse tree!

Thank you very much! May we all success in our learning!

April 27, 2017



Congratulations! Ausgezeichnet! For me, I enjoyed the Reverse German Tree. Wishing you continued language learning success. :)


Congratulations! You may also want to try news in slowly spoken German, it'll boost your vocabulary and understanding skills tremendously:


Awesome!! Great Job! :D


Congratulations! That is certainly an achievement! ^ ^


I'm so happy for you! You are so diligent! Congratulations!


Gut gemacht!!!


Super! Ich habe es schon fertig gemacht. Vorgestern habe ich den umgekehrten Kursbau beendet. Ich empfehle dir dringend dazu. Dabei gibt es neues Vokabular und Tipps von Muttersprachlern, die dir Untertöne und subtile Unterschiede zwischen Wörtern erklären könnten.


Congratulations!!! :>


Herzliche Glückwünsche.


wow great job! how many xp did you hit on average everyday to finish it in 5mths?


I think 150-200, but that's just an average. Sometimes I would practice a lot and get 500-700 xp in a day (once I have gotten 1500 xp in a day), and sometimes I would just do 1 skill or do very little practice only to maintain the day streak.

Btw, I finished the tree with level 23, and it is considered a very high level with which to finish the German tree. I have seen people who finished the tree and they're only level 16.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch


Congratulation to you!!!


wow! that is awesome!


cool. so what do you think about your german capabilities now? i also started without rushing through the tree, repeating a lot, trying to absorb the words before learning the new ones. so i am wondering how much german do you think you know now ?


Most people say, that whenever you finish your tree, you are about level A1-A2. Duolingo gives you a very, very strong basis to the language you study, but it CANNOT make you fluent in any way. With Duolingo I learn Grammar and the most basic/important words of the language, but I also use Memrise for vocabulary, and practice German by reading news, watching movies etc. in German.


Congratulations! I'm on the German course myself, about a 4th of the way there, and I wish you good luck on your learning journey!


Hello. Im new here. I finished the German tree to the golden state within 24 hours after my registration to Duolingo and after looong hours of completing exercises. Also reached level 12. I would like to thank the Duolingo team for all the effort. How can I get to the reverse tree now to get new XP for and more fun? My second question is about the words.. Ive got a list of 731 Words, 15 of them are in the state "time to practise". I want to practise them, I practise the themes where the words really occure and complete them again... but there are still the same 15 words left to practise. Should I wait 1 day for the results to be updated? Thanks.


In order to do the reverse tree, you go to Settings > Learning Language > look for "Ich will Englisch lernen (Ich kann Deutsch)" and click on it > Save changes. You are now in the reverse tree.

I'm sorry but idk how to answer your second question


Hello Michael. Thank you very much for the answer about the reverse tree. Now the question about the Words again.. Ive got a list of 731 Words, 22 of them are "overdue". I want to practise them, I practise the themes where the words really occure and complete them again... but there are still the same 22 words left to practise. How do I get it done? Thanks.


I think that no matter how much you complete the skills that contain the words that are marked "overdue", they will be still marked like that and you have nothing to do about it. I have learned 2200 words, but it tells me that words like "Apfel" or "Bücher" which I have practiced about 923587482 times are still weak words which I have to practice again... I think the only way to know exactly which words you have to practice is to simply check what skills are non-gold in the tree itself.


I thank Duolingo team for helping us

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