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Lingots to Gems. I hate it!

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I've been studying Spanish for over a year. At one point I had over a 400 hundred day streak. Yesterday I updated my Duolingo app on my iPhone 6 and got the new version that converts lingots to gems. This architecture is the worst! It is neither user friendly nor intuitively obvious as to what a person needs to do to keep strength bars full. One thing that bothers me is that the status bar does not advance as I go through the execises. Then, surprise! I'm done. What the heck? I also don't get the heart thing. Is this just another way to get some money from people? Please just drop it. Just drop the whole gem idea. Is there a way I can opt out of these experimental focus groups? I like the system I started with and I'm learning very well using that system.

April 28, 2017



Take back the idea of gems, its doesn't suit . We all like lingots . Gems ..sucks


I have changed my review from 5 stars to 1 in the app store and hope everyone else does the same until this awful health thing is gone


They do a lot of tests where incoming users are divided randomly. You might try opening several accounts and see if one doesn't have the gems health. You can test out instead of redoing all the skills​ over


Try the web version for now to get the old program. Meanwhile, did you get a lingot? A gem?


I can only second that, please go back to the old system! I was repeating all the "household" lessons in Italian and suddenly I couldnt 't continue because I had a typo here and there. Why should I lose knowledge while doing exercises even if I make some little mistakes? It's as awful as the old heart system, plese remove it. PLEASE!

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Thanks for the response. Yes I did get a lingot. I'll give one back. I use the phone because my computer is a dinosaur. I can use a computer at work to get my 7 day streaks for cheap. Duolingo should just let sleeping dogs lie. Or maybe ask before opting you into a focus group.


I agree! Get rid of the gems! I usually do my lessons on the on the PC, much easier to learn and it doesn't stop because you made too many mistakes. When I travel the mobile version is not user friendly!


With gems you can buy the same as lingots, you all just afraid to change. Gems are for earning money, you just have to focus in learning the language. Many drama for wanting to earn money.


I like the health aspect. It makes it more exciting. And I don't care about how the virtual currency is called. From the old system I do like however that long streaks are rewarded somehow.


What tripped me up was the different currency for two different platforms. Lingots are very special individualized little things on the web; on the app they're just... not special anymore. I can't support the gems.

But the health? Sorry, I can't back you up there, that's just you refusing to learn a good pacing system that hasn't hurt you in any way. The health goes down when you make mistakes on lessons. To get more health, you have to click the practice button. It's a metric that stops you and tells you that you don't know this stuff as well as you think you do, and makes you go back and practice to refine what you know before it will let you proceed forward again. Earning back health is trivial; and if you're too lazy to practice for some reason, you can watch an ad, which supports a company that gave you this service for free.


Lingots are red,

and gems are blue,

It works this way for me,

but different for you.


Hey my wife had the same problem. The iPhone app was udpated and is now practically un-usable.

But the good news. If you want your old iphone experience back (mostly) with lingots instead of gems, with discussion threads/comments on lessons, and with none of this BS 'health' meter. Open the web browser on your iphone and log into duolingo.com.

And if you really want to show the iOS devs how unhappy these updates make you, rate them 1 star in the app store and uninstall the iphone app, and just do your duo in the browser, and get back to learning non stop.


I rated the Duolingo app to 1star because the gems are f****n dumb everyone rate Duolingo 1star.I might even start to use Babel instead of this dump.plis I know that you Duolingo is trying to get money from adding this plus thing.

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