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Hello. Help me get rid of this doubt

I was practicing and training a bit my listening skills with some videos from youtube. To be more exact they are like stories for kids. But i saw a verb totally unknown for me . It was "to ushered", inmediately I related this verb to the verb "to bring and to take" because the sentence was this " he was ushered uptairs and into the state aparment to speak to the King" and I wonder what is the difference between He was taken to the King and he was brought to the king ? Which one is wrong ?

It was taught to me that "to take" is also used to refer when a person is led by someone to somewhere or when a person is picked up.

Please help me, and correct any grammatical mistake I wrote.

April 28, 2017

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Hello, I got in this foro to answer you the same, and I read about practicing the listening. Can you write me the video's web's address, please?


Hello . I train my listening skills using some apps you can download from the play store. Of course douolingo is one of them, but you may use news in english app, hellotalk,vosecreen. I recommend you to listen to english teachers that you may find on youtube. There are also some natives english speakers who speak english clear, one of them is Giorgio Tsoukalos, you will notice he speaks slow and clear.

I'll leave you a link



Thank you, Roxana. Have a nice learning.


All of those mean basically the same thing. "Ushered' is the most formal. A person whose job it is to take you to your seat at a theater or wedding is called an "usher."

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They all mean pretty much the same thing. 'Ushered' has a little more formal ring to it, but other than that they're about the same.


thank you for your response. Have a good day. I hope you continue helping me with my doubts.

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You're welcome. Do you have another English question?


I do not have any doubt so far . Thank you .


Hi, nice to meet you


Hello there...It seems your doubt was clarified...I just wanted to share for you and the people who might visit post , a tool for practicing both listening and speaking...the idea is to use the shadowing technique, to identify proper stress, rythm and pronunciation, while learning useful vocabulary...

P.S: If you go the web, make sure to scroll down a bit to see the "Audio version" on the site-header...

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