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hey, everyone, i have some awesome news!!!

after about a month of practicing and grinding, I have finally completed my Spanish tree!!, I just thought this was a great accomplishment worthy of being shared!!. At the start of my journey in learning Spanish i was only doing it because my friend would always speak Spanish to me and it would always make me feel stupid so I decided to learn some Spanish on my own so I could outsmart her and I did but once I got started I found out that learning Spanish was really fun and educational and I found myself ENJOYING it. Learning Spanish has introduced me to a whole new culture that I could explore, I found out that I liked a type of Spanish music called reggaeton and I even have some favorite artists!! I have learned of different Spanish traditions such as Cinco de mayo and quinceanera, I am now making sone new Spanish friends!! I would like to thank Duling for starting me off on this amazing journey and I am looking forward to learning more!!

Since I am done with Spanish I was wondering if any of you Duolingo users could help me out in deciding what my new language should be?

April 28, 2017



My advice: there's a lot of the Spanish tree you haven't seen yet; keep plugging away on Spanish, either here or elsewhere, rather than scooting on to another language so quickly.


Hey that's amazing, congratulations, I recommend you do the reverse tree which is ''English from Spanish'' in order to learn a bit of more vocabulary and get better. In addition to that, I think German is a great language, even though it's really hard, it might be cool to learn it.


If you do start another language, you should still work to keep your tree gold everyday. I think if you want to learn another language that sounds similar to Spanish, you should learn Portuguese or Italian. Maybe even French. I personally would not want to learn another language that sounds similar because I would get them mixed up. So if you want to learn a different sounding language, learn Russian or welsh. Congratulations on finishing the tree!


Congratulations! It's great to hear about such a positive experience in language-learning in general, and with Duolingo in particular. Thanks for sharing.

As for what should be your next language, of course this depends on your own interests. If you enjoyed Spanish, you may also enjoy French or Portuguese, which are both also major world languages that are related to Spanish and would probably not be too difficult to learn. Italian is also related to Spanish and is also a popular choice.

I have really enjoyed getting into German, which I find the coolest language ever, and which has provided me a springboard for getting into German music and movies.

Good luck!


Hope I can also finish my tree soon


you will man just give it time


Could you send me the link to that picture?


You should definitely try Portuguese, it is very similar to spanish and lots of fun to learn.


German is super fun


I have never tried German, but it does sound like fun!


Congratulations!!! :)




you should do German


I suggest that you learn esperanto, my favorite constructed language.


congrats brother


Here are some of my huge collection of lingots. I have 1443


thanks man i appreciate it


I would give you 100, but It so hard to click and click again to confirm XD


Bien hecho! You should consider Italian for your next languages:) Best of luck


Congratulations! Have ten Lingots.


You should do french it's so much fun!


Congratulations on completing your tree!

Seeing as you enjoy Spanish, you might enjoy learning other Romance languages; Italian, Portuguese and French would be good options to do next.


Congratulations! That's exactly how I felt when i completed my first tree. Why don't you learn something different and "popular", like French, or a Germanic language? French has an amazing culture and is spoken in a lot of places outside France too. German has another amazing culture and can open you to the germaic languages family, and is also spoken in three countries. I wouldn't advise you to learn Portuguese right now because it's too similar to Spanish (trust me, I'm portuguese...)

Buena suerte!


Cheers! That really is exciting news! :)


I think that every new language gives you new friends, new songs, new experiences, a whole new picture of the world. Imagine to which country yo would like to travel and begin to learn the language spoken there. Isn't it wonderful to knowthat at this very moment there are millios of people wondering why the cat is walking over my shirt. Good luck y buen viaje!


Well personally, I think it would be best to keep reviewing over Spanish and try more sites before moving onto something new. That is if you want to remember it and become near fluent one day. But, I definitely recommend Swahili because it is so unique and pretty simple. You will never find a language like it! (Except it does borrow a lot of words from Arabic and English)


Congratulations! You should learn German. I haven't learned it yet but it looks really fun!


I agree with piguy3 that you should at least keep up with Spanish before moving on so quickly. Especially completing the Spanish tree in so quick a time with how intense it is, making sure you practice and keep up the retention is really important. Try reading books or watching TV Shows just in Spanish and see how well you do. Or talk with your friends just in Spanish and make sure you're conversational. I've been working at French on and off for like 3 years and still haven't mastered it, though I haven't had time to be as dedicated as I would have liked.


So you like reggaeton now. Oh my. That's not something to be proud of, in my opinion.


well i dont rightly care about your opinion, there is nothing wrong with reggaeton music, you are just a hater who has only listened to one type of reggaeton, go get educated some mor and then come back to me insteasd of judging me of something that isnt even bad


There's plenty of wrong things with reggaeton music. You should do some research. I've been exposed to this music because it's everywhere in my country. I know what I'm talking about.


oh yeah like what?


I respect your taste, but the truth is that reggaeton is like rap is very sexual and derogatory against women. Not judging your taste in music but this is where the genre is now and has been for quite some time. Reggaeton pioneers would probably say something along the lines of how a sound so beautiful was corrupted with such sexual behavior and language. People have this negative view of the genre and well you can obviously see why, but it wasn't always like this.

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