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Zero credit for difficult translations

Some translations are easy, because a word-for-word translation means the same in both languages. For these, I always get full translation credit. But other translations are difficult. I see what was written in the source language, and it is clear word-for-word translation simply won't work. So I spend a lot of time writing a quality answer in the target language, that conveys the same message in a way that works in the target language. For these, your program usually gives me zero translation credit, saying "oops, that doesn't look right". Many other folks seem to have caught on to this, and as a result the easy translations get done quickly, while the difficult translations get ignored.

March 1, 2013



We are working on making translations and the scoring system better. Thanks for the feedback! It will be brought back to the team.


How can beginners do the translation? Or are there easier ones?

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