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Friday morning - Languages for the weekend

Dzien dobry, Guten morgen,Goedemorgen, Bon jour

Smiles after a walk in the rain

Listening to a debate

on the Irish language

in the Ulster BBC radio

Language for peace

If you want to hear the debate

go to the Ulster BBC podcast

it will be on the Nolan's show

I hope that you have a nice weekend

April 28, 2017




Tomorrow is the weekend,

The perfect time to learn more kanji.

I have observed that learning kanji

Gets easier with each one I learn.

I will also have to fill out my application

To an immersion program in Japan

Over the summer.

Until the coming period of rest,

I sip my tea for extra energy.



I have noticed the same learning trend

As I've learned Chinese characters.

Unfortunately since I don't know pronunciation

And because I only know meaning,

I don't know how to type Hanxi,

Only how to write them.

So I must compliment you

Using only something I search online



Smiles looking out

Sun is shining

Singing whilst cooking

Saying hello and good morning to friends

So happy to come along

Have a nice weekend, too

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