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"I were not to come, I would not see you"

Translation:Nisingekuja nisingekuona

April 28, 2017



Nisingekuja nisingekuona - Do I not need to add "wewe"?


That's what the -ku- is for in nisingekuona. It's the object infix for the singular you.

Nisingekuja nisingewaona should probably also be accepted as an answer to the English, because -wa- is the object infix for the plural you (also for they), and the English doesn't specify singular or plural. If it doesn't, next time I come across it in an exercise I'll report it (unless someone else gets there first).


I thought the ku- is there because the mono syllabic verb keeps the ku- with this tense?


That's the other ku. Kuja is monosyllabic. Kuona is not.


Thank you, should have seen that...

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