"Do you want a bargain in the shop?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau bargen yn y siop?

April 28, 2017



I typed as above but was wrong they quoted dych chi'n moyn bargen yn y siop

April 28, 2017


The usual pattern is:

  • Dych chi eisiau bargen yn y siop? - note that there is no 'n/yn used in front of eisiau in this pattern. See the examples in the course and in the hints and tips for the section 'Wanting'.

If you do put in 'n/yn, then Duo seems to assume that you meant to use the verb-noun moyn instead of eisiau. moyn is not something that is taught on the course, but it is accepted in the answers because it is widely used in the dialects of some parts of Wales in parallel with eisiau, and it often comes up in the media. However, unlike eisiau, moyn should be used with 'n/yn:

  • Dych chi eisiau bargen yn y siop?
  • Dych chi'n moyn bargen yn y siop?
  • Dw i eisiau mynd i'r siop.- I want to go to the shop.
  • Dw i'n moyn mynd i'r siop.
April 28, 2017


Diolch yn fawr!

May 5, 2017
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