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completed the course status

Hi, I finished all the lessons and got the completed status; But I have reached only 49% I am keen to go above the same. What is the process for the same?

April 28, 2017



You can continue to practice existing lessons and fluency will go up slightly. But around 60 is the top end because Duo knows they don't go into depth


Thanks. I shall continue to practise


yes 73% german to english, 61% english to german


Thanks, I was just checking - I have only heard of 70%+ learning English.


You cannot get 100% fluency with Duolingo. You have finished the course but you can still practice and keep your tree gold until you reach level 25. That may increase your fluency to an arbitrary maximum of about 60%-70% depending on the course.


I feel that I have learnt 20%, though Duolingo shows 49%; I feel I have a long way to go

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49% is normal, people rarely get over 55 or 60% .. to get higher "fluency rating" you have to practice regularly and make fewer mistakes... This rating has really not much to do with your real fluency...


I guess so. Thanks for your thoughts, I shall practice; But is there another website which can help in increasing my real fluency in conversing ?


Lots of revision. The fluency measure also takes into account how secure your knowledge is - broadly speaking, if your tree is gold, your fluency percentage will be higher than if it isn't. The longer the tree has been gold, the higher the percentage will be. How often you peek, and how often you get questions wrong, also makes a difference.


What is the meaning of 'your tree is gold'


All of the skills in the course are gold. When they stop being gold, that's Duolingo's way of telling you that it's time to revise - click on that skill and choose the strengthen lesson.


I find that many are up to level 24. Which is the highest level?


Can someone give ideas as to how to increase the percentage?

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