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iOS app offline access buggy after most recent update

I am having several recurring problems with offline access to lessons since the most recent iOS update. I continually get "error downloading hints" messages when trying to peek at new vocabulary, etc., no matter how many times I connect to the app when I have internet access to try and reload the lesson. I have never seen that error message until this version of the app.

Next, there are recurring problems with the audio. The audio for some listening questions seem to have failed to load entirely, rendering the question unanswerable. In other cases, there is no slow audio available. Again, this is a problem I've only encountered in the most recent iOS app.

Finally, the occasionally deleting of progress (a finished lesson, for example), a bug I've reported before, persists.

For reference, I got the update that includes the bonus lessons.

March 17, 2014



Hi arielk81! I don't often use the IOS app, but here are some tips that might help:

  1. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? If you haven't done so, then try it. It could be a big help in glitchy cases.

  2. Make sure you still have a good amount of space on your IOS device. Not having enough space on my iPhone has affected the function of my apps before.

  3. Try using a different internet provider or forgetting the your current internet provider and connecting to it again.

  4. Otherwise, the most common and likely case is that the new update is causing problems and DuoLingo is going to work on it with your helpful report. If so, then good luck! Hope DuoLingo can see this!

If you tried the first three steps and they didn't work, then it'll probably be the last tip. Hope this helps! :)


All of the issues I mentioned above persist, even after running through the suggestions from angel194462 below. Especially pernicious is the deleting of progress on lessons completed offline.


I'm having all of these same problems - and you are right it only started with the last update! I also can't "practice weak skills"off line. I can only go forward in the course. Since none of the suggested fixes worked for you, I'm not going to bother trying them myself :) Hopefully the issues are resolved with the next update. It's so frustrating.

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