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I was learning French. Yesterday I started to learn Italian, and when I switched back to French, all my progress was lost!. More precisely, I was back in "Basic 1 - unit 1", when I had already finished "Basic 2" and "sentences", and was half way in "Food".

I was still said to be in level 4, and I still keep my 13 lingots - but, as I say, I would have to go back to Lesson 1 of Basic 1 - and even Lesson 2 of Basic 1 is blocked. Any help would be welcome. Thanks!

March 17, 2014



We'll take a look!


I looked into this. The problem here is that you started learning French when you had your user interface language set to Spanish. So, if you switch your user interface language back to Spanish (choose "Quiero aprender francés (yo sé español)" in the language settings) you'll see your progress in French.

I hope that helps.


Thanks! Yes, I am learning French for Spanish and Italian for English (as there is no Italian por Spanish yet) - and the system does not seem to be able to cope with it, so when I switch to "Italian for English", then "French for Spanish" dissapears, and viceversa. It's quite boring, as I am using Duolingo in my iPad, but there I cannot change language settings, I have to do it in the computer. I guess this is a problem of the system that should not be happening, and that hopefully will be solved in the future. Thanks for the answer!


Hi Inferal! Sorry to hear that. :(

How exactly did you switch from French to Italian? Did you use the Learning Languages button in Settings? Make sure you haven't accidentally chosen any other languages. I'm not sure what your problem is, but I hope I can help! :)


In my iPad, I press the "Change" ("cambiar") button which is besides the language ("French" - there it says I am in level 4). This seems to work fine - when I pressed "change", I access a window which says "Learning" (then it was only French, now French and Italian) and below one can read "Start to learn" - and there is a list of languages. As I say, everything seemed to work fine - but then when I got back to French, all progress in lesson was lost (not the level 4 and the 13 lingots, though) Thank you and best wishes!


Hi again! Sorry for the late reply! Have you tried looking online by using either your browser on iPad or on the computer? I have seen posts about losing progress on one device, but keeping it on the other. Try checking it out. If your progress is still there, then I suggest logging out and back in or reinstalling the app. Hope this helps! :)

Ah, is albyperez your other account? It seems like your problem was solved last week. Just wondering if I'm late. :)


Thank you! As suggested above, the problem is that Duolingo currently has problems if I learn, as in my case, French from Spanish, and Italian from English. If I access "Italian from English", then my progress in "French from Spanish" is lost - I can recover it if I access Duolingo in the computer and I sitch language preference to Spanish, but then my Italian progress disappears, unless I change the languages settings again, and so on...I think this is something that should be look at... Thanks a lot for the comments!!

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