Aimer: Love vs Like

I've noticed in the practice that sometimes a translation wants us to write "like" vs "love".

For example: "Je t'aime", means I love you, but "Il aime les livres", means he likes the books.

I've missed a few questions just because I don't know when to use each. Are there context clues I'm missing? In high school and college French I learned that "aimer" is like, but "adorer" is love.

Vous m'aidez, s'il vous plait.

April 28, 2017


I found a nice explanation:

  1. To like and to love both are translated aimer
  2. When you love someone you say je t'aime
  3. When you like someone you say je t'aime bien
  4. When you like something like doughnuts you say j'aime les beignets
  5. When you love something like doughnuts you say j'adore les beignets or j'en suis fou or je craque!
  6. When the beignets are outstanding you say c'est une tuerie! or c'est dingue!
April 28, 2017

Good answer. We can also use 'aimer bien' for things. It can mean we like them without excessive enthusiasm, but if we use a convinced tone it can be the same as 'I like'.

  • To love sb = aimer
  • To like sb = aimer bien
  • To like sb very much = adorer
  • To love sth = adorer
  • To like sth = aimer, aimer bien
April 28, 2017

Sometimes, to say we love someone, we will use 'ĂȘtre amoureux de' ('to be in love with') instead of simply 'aimer', which is not extremely clear in some contexts.

  • J'aime la prof de français.
  • Tu l'aimes bien ?
  • Non, je suis amoureux d'elle.
April 28, 2017

Merci beaucoup!

April 28, 2017

aimer can be "to love"... "je t'aime, mon amour" for example, or "je t'aime, maman". Despite what some people on here might think. Face it, Serge Gainsbourg made a fortune from "Je t'aime, .... mon non plus".... aimer can be like or love.. adorer is to adore/love. I have no idea how long the duolingo people have been using their French, but I have 40 years of French/English and 25 years of Spanish/English now... and have just spent two weeks completing French and Spanish courses with a view to sending students and pupils in to enjoy some extra work.

I'm not sure just now whether I'm goignt o send them, because there are so many errors in the translations, I don't think it would be fair to the learners. I hve lots of typos in my posts, but that's because of a spinal injury... hand-eye cordintation.. some of my typos have been recognised as typos, other s have been marked wrong.. the errors in the translations by DL are just errors. I don't know whether those are a resultof a lack of experience or something else, but they are errors.

April 28, 2017
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