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[Bug Report] The user can accidentally navigate away from lessons, erasing all progress.

Accidentally navigating away from a lesson or practice session erases the current progress.

Also, there should be a subforum for submitting bug reports. Or, you know, a proper bug tracker.

March 17, 2014



Hi anachron! I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you find this a problem. Even if you accidentally navigated away from the site, there would still be a confirmation pop-up. You must have accepted it. However, if you do want to contact DuoLingo for help, click the Support button on the left side of the website. I hope this answers your question! :)


@angel194462, anachron's post is fine here because this is the Troubleshooting forum. :) Also, only certain browsers and certain settings give a pop up box before someone navigates away from a page.

@anachron, because I snag screenshots, etc. I often enter lessons just to leave part way. I wouldn't want this ability removed. However, if Duolingo could somehow implement angel194426's idea of having a confirmation pop up for everyone when they go to exit early, that would make for a great compromise. :)


I've never gotten a confirmation pop-up (is this new?), I just disabled my backspace button about a month ago to prevent myself from accidentally navigating away mid-lesson.


Nope, I never get a confirmation pop-up. If I did, this would not be an issue.

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