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  5. "Де ви працюєте?"

"Де ви працюєте?"

Translation:Where do you work?

April 28, 2017



"Працювати" sounds much like "practice" (although the two are not etymologically related).


They might well be!

  • From Middle English practizen, a variant of practisen, from Middle French pratiser, practiser, from Medieval Latin practizo, from Late Latin practico (“to do, perform, execute, propose, practise, exercise, be conversant with, contrive, conspire, etc.”), from prāctica (“practical affairs", "business”), from Ancient Greek πρᾱκτική (prāktikḗ), from πρᾱκτικός (prāktikós, “practical”), from πρᾱ́σσειν (prā́ssein, “to do”).

  • Ukrainian працювати, Polish pracować, Czech pracovat. Ultimately from Proto-Slavic *porťa (“work, deed”), from *portiti (“to send”) + *-ja.


That's what I wrote!


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