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What's the best way to learn verb conjugation?

April 28, 2017



Start by learning the rules for conjugation of regular verbs(-ar, -er, -ir) in the present tense.

for example:

Also, in Spanish, it is good to start early with some irregular verbs because some of them are the most common/useful verbs in the language.

Once you have a good understanding of the present tense, learn the rules for conjugating regular verbs in the other Spanish tenses. (preterite, imperfect, future... etc)


practice and make it fun


The app Spanish verbs sea game I found to be helpful as well as another just called Spanish verbs. Also a youtube playlist on verbs from a youtube channel called The Spanish dude. He has a site called gringoespanol and offers many free vids and exercises as well as premium ones.



I would take the most common verbs, formulate a simple sentence for each person, and put it onto Anki flashcards.

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