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Activity Log for Students?

Through an activity log for each class and student, I can check activity/progress of students. Is there a way they can check their own activity/progress without asking me.

April 28, 2017



Someone suggested they could set up a second account as an educator then enroll in it. (apparently you can beIN more than one class). Seems like a lot of trouble for an individual they were thinking co-teaching


Duolingo should come up with a better way for doing this

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Until a few months ago, it used to work with a single account, to be used both as a student and a teacher.

  • As a student, you login to Duolingo Schools, create a class for the language you are studying, and copy the class code.
  • In regular Duolingo, you join the class based on its code.
  • In the Duolingo for Schools, choose that class, choose that student (yourself), do "view activity log".

That worked great for me, you would see everything you did for that source-destination language and when. It is not currently working. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30035215

If it comes back, it should work.

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