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1 Year Duolingo Anniversary

One year ago, I joined Duolingo.

Within that one year, I've progressed rather slowly but attained these goals:

77% through the Esperanto tree. 52% through the Norwegian tree. 51% through the Swedish tree. 39% through the Portuguese tree. 34% through the French tree. 29% through the Spanish tree. 27% through the German tree. 23% through the Danish tree. 19% through the Italian tree. 11% through the Swahili tree. 10% through the Welsh tree. 10% through the Turkish tree. 9% through the Irish tree. 9% through the Russian tree. 9% through the Dutch tree. 9% through the Greek tree. 8% through the Ukrainian tree. 6% through the Vietnamese tree. 4% through the Romanian tree. 4% through the Hungarian tree. 2% through the Polish tree. 1% through the Hebrew tree.

I can't wait to finish my first tree, but for now I've been testing out each tree to see which ones I like best. So far, my favorite trees are: Norwegian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Swahili, Welsh, Irish, and Vietnamese, in that order.

Thank you so much for the journey, Duolingo. I was able to regain fluency in my native languages, Portuguese and Swedish. (I lost a lot of the vocabulary when I moved to the United States from Sweden when I was 4.) I'm hoping to eventually travel back to Sweden again. Hopefully by then, I can speak Swedish.

April 28, 2017



Wow! Good job and keep learning!


Congratulations! Great post and good luck:)


That's awesome, see ya in a year ;) !!


Congratulations! Duolingo is great, I'm so glad it's been able to help you : )


Congrats for your achievements, I'm a native portuguese speaker too. Keep up struggling for your goals :D


Congratulations! I've been on for about three years.


Congratulations, 25 languages, that is quite something. And only in one year!


Congratulations, I've just started!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations on your accomplishments!


    Congratulations PSLHelstrom! Thanks for letting us know your favorite trees so far (I'm always curious about that) and I wish you the best completing them! :-)


    Congratulations!!! That's a lot of languages your learning!!!



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