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Is anyone else sick of having to wait for Health, and having gems? Please click here

I for 1 am SICK of having lingots into gems and lessons being disabled because of Health, Many of you have already posted complaints about this so thats why I'm posting this discussion not so we have multiple discussions but so we can all put our support behind this convo and tell the duo staff that WE DONT WANT HEALTH OR GEMS! just search in the search bar using #GEMSareGERMS, thanks guys in advance for your support.

April 28, 2017



I like that (the post)


I haven't updated my app yet after seeing posts after posts of health and gems. I hope they'll find a better way to improve duolingo not making learning discouraging.


Its a A/B test. So you should be fine if you update, if you use your account


Tired of Gems and Health, I mean.


Agreed 100%. This is a bad change for the App. I'd love to see it changed back.


I also do not like GEMS. I travel for work and end up in multiple time zones. I've "lost" a day because of not being able to access the app while on the plane or simply because of crossing the international data line. Now having to spend 400 GEMS to preserve my 400+ day streak would wreck me in short order. This seems like a blatant money grab. If it keeps up I'll go find another free service. Then there won't be any add revenue from me.


Just to let you know, I lost a 950 day streak a couple of months ago. I was very unhappy about it, but an amazing thing then happened: I survived. Now I have a 60 day streak going. I also have 5000 Lingots (or gems, or something), and that doesn't mean much either. I still have the same learning/knowledge gained during the 1000 days I've been on Duolingo. Just saying, the streak is not as important as what you learn from the app.


All nonsense on the part of Luis and the health philosophy to curtail binge learning!


"Binge learning" -- I love it!

I'm sure they'll keep tweaking Duolingo with such nonsense. That said, they've done a good job presenting a free app that many people have used to create a foreign language foundation.


Your first statement regarding the "tweaking" of Duolingo with such nonsense is SO true! Unfortunately, the CEO, Luis, is ONLY concerned with the metrics, the numbers if you will. Consequently, he pays no attention to the users. If you look at ratings on Apple ios, you will note that they have dropped substantially. Why?

They've dropped for the same reason this forum topic was created. People, and educated people, and people in education find the entire health concept to be counterproductive and totally inconsistent with sound learning methodology.

I, for one, am tired of debating the issue with people who lack the education and the experience. No, I don't know everything, but I do know that trial and error is integral to learning. And when a student is punished for trying, then motivation is diminished. Luis should know this, but NUMBERS, not people, are his world.

Consequently, and probably to some peoples' delight, I am done with the forums particularly since administrators and Luis DO NOT listen; they do not see the downward trend in the ratings directly attributable to the implementation of the health nonsense.


Different people value different things. How you reacted to the same situation is completely irrelevant here.

[deactivated user]

    Is there a conversion rate from Lingots to Gems? Like 1 US Dollar is equal to 6.81 Chinese Yuan? or 64.46 Indian Rupees?

    FTR-I had to look those up. I don't have conversion rates in my head.


    If I recall correctly, I had 220 Lingots and it converted to 900 Gems. At the same time, a streak freeze (10 Lingots) the morning after the conversion cost me 600 Gems.


    I use web and iOS app - there is an obvious disconnect somewhere as Duo gets very confused between the two now. For reference, you can still log in on web and use those lingots - after their so called conversion - to purchase a streak protect for 10 lingots.


    Another issue of unforeseen consequence where the user suffers. Who do you tell? The administrators are useless and Luis is a man of number, metrics.


    And here is a great example of implementing ridiculous changes without examining ALL the consequences.


    hi, totally not digging the health stuff... like the old way better. health thing too gimmicky... I tend to agree... WE DONT WANT HEALTH OR GEMS! Or at least I don't... It's an awesome app, why keep fiddling with it with all this phoofy gimmicks. Thank you for all you do


    We're all sick of it and the entire concept is counterproductive to learning. It punishes a user for trial and error learning. By the way, trial and error are integral to the psychology of learning. Oh, but Luis is blinded by the metrics and has forgotten about the human element. Furthermore, and I'm doing it right now, Luis and company are not listening to the users. A strong majority rejects the entire health notion!


    Yeah! It is darn annoying! Great post mate!


    I don't know if all of the new iPhone açcounts get the gem/ health version. You might want to try opening a couple other accounts and only practicing on one without health you can use your current account just enough to meet your daily goal (I'd set the goal to one )


    Agreed - this health idea is awful - I got ONE question wrong on the iPad and it killed the flow with a nag bar implying I was a rubbish learner. Closed the lesson and continued on my android phone - smaller and more fiddly, yet infinity more usable.

    Anyone else noticed the huge disparity in shop cost of things between lingots and gems? For example - streak protect is 10 lingots, yet 400 gems - ouch.

    [deactivated user]

      Is there a conversion rate? Like 1 US Dollar is equal to 6.81 Chinese Yuan? or 64.46 Indian Rupees?

      FTR-I had to look those up. I don't have conversion rates in my head.

      <h1>GEMSareGerms! I hate gems. I hate the health feature. They're disgusting, and Duolingo could really do without them.</h1>




      Honesly, ❤❤❤❤ germs at least with lingods duo was a little bit more unique. Agree with this post. #Pray4Lingods


      I agree. I bought the "Plus" version of Duolingo. It's not all that much better. I am only learning one language and am refreshing on 3 others. So, having one amount of health is stupid for 4 languages. Some of the stuff I read say that the reason they limit it is to prevent binge learning... That's funny. The most effective language training institutes have language learning 8 hours a day or more! If I want to eat breakfast and study, eat lunch and study, and watch tv later and practice, I shouldn't be prevented by the health Nazi. Especially, when frequently some "mistakes" I make is because I don't agree with the translation, getting dinged for proper punctuation, etc. I want to add on 3 more languages, but can't see how I'd do it with the health issue. I could have sworn at one time I saw an extortion "payment" for unlimited health, but I can't find it now. That's what I'd pay more for, is unlimited health.

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