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  5. "Це не мої шорти."

"Це не мої шорти."

Translation:These are not my shorts.

April 28, 2017



Can I go with "Those are not my shorts" ? This/that and these/those are usually bit more "loose" when you translate them from Slavic languages to English and back :-)


Not exactly. The Ukrainian pronouns for "that" are 'той (m), тая (f), тое (n)' /nom. case/.

PS Regarding the confusion concerning translations of foreign pronouns into English - it is caused by the fact that Mod. Eng. this/that are formed from the same root in OId. Eng. (cf. German dies ~ das). In most other languages, this isn't the case. For example, the Ukrainian 'цей (m), цея (f), це (n)' (this) is cognate with the English "here" and 'той (m), тая (f), тое (n)' (that) with "this ~ that". Besides these two forms, Proto-Slavic had a few more, which can be combined to form pronouns with a complex meaning, e.g. this one in particular (Bulg. 'ей'), this one which was (previously) mentioned (Old Bulg. 'иже'), that one which was (previously) mentioned (Bulg. 'тоя'), this one present at the moment (Bulg. 'този'), yonder one over there (Bulg. 'онзи'), yonder one in particular (Bulg 'оня'), that one near here (Bulg 'овой'), etc. Since English has no true equivalents of all these pronouns, it is natural some perplexity to arise ;)

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