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Website slow? Lots of clutter from children?

In the last day or so I have the impression that the new site has slowed considerably. I also get the impression that we are getting way more clutter/children's chit-chat on the discussions. Maybe this is slowing the site down, if indeed it is slower?

The trouble is I do not have an objective measure of either of these impressions so I am putting it out here. If many others are finding the same perhaps it is worth reporting?

April 29, 2017



The inevitable result of deliberately attracting children and teens to a site and then removing the streams where they used to chat and post crap to each other.


Ich am running the duo advertising version on one of my android devices. What i have noticed is that even though dou is designed for young people the ads are designed for a much older audience.


They said that the forums would be kinda slow. They might rewrite it the forums too.


I don't notice any change in any direction so far.

P. S. This is about the speed of the website of course.


Yes, the speed of the website when doing lessons and strengthening exercises seems slower to me. I have always been on the new website as I was on the AB test prior to the new site being rolled out.


I am still on the old website. I wonder if this what all the users of the new one experience.

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