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How to survive duolingo while travelling

I will be traveling to Chile for a couple months - is it possible to freeze my duo-lingo account or should I just accept that I will lose everything i've done so far ahahah

I really won't have time to be on the app everyday so it's a shame i'll have to come back and re-do everything all over !

April 29, 2017



You will not lose everything. Your Duolingo fluency will drop, but your real fluency will increase! You can continue with your tree when you get back home.

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Buy a streak freeze. If you skip only one day, it will save your streak. (and if you find internet somewhere, you can buy the streak freeze again)

If you skip more than 1 day, you will lose your 112 day streak, but all the other things, your XP, your completed skills will still be here.


You could probably test out of many of the skills when you return (but I think you will have to reset the course first in order to get access to the test out functions). After all, 2 months immersion in Chile should improve your fluency no end.


ummm, they wont lose all of their progress

theyll lose their fluency points


You can give access to your account somebody (to best friend, brother or sister), who will learn languages instead of you ))

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