i have a question, i also taking german courses outside this training program once a week do you guys think its harder for me to learn German? Because i read German though Swedish and here from English, i have a "dead line" until summer to speak or at least know some German. should i focus on one specific or just keep going? since i already know how to tell who i am my age and where i live but this training focus more on the grammar. i would be really thankful for you feed backs or thoghts! Tschüss

March 1, 2013


I think studying on different sources at the same time and trying to absorb the language is the best thing to do. Listen to German music, find a conversation class if you can, buy a grammar book or find a good one in the net, find some tv on streaming, and go on with Duolingo. Find the mix that works better with you, I don't know if it will be faster, but it will stick better to your memory if you see and hear and FEEL German language.

My two cents.

(By the way, I live in Germany since 2005 and I am still not fluent, I used those tricks for Japanese, where I am not fluent as well... So maybe you shouldn't listen to me! ;) )

In addition to all the things marziotta already suggested, you could also switch the language of your facebook account (or the language settings of a gadget, etc.) to German. I switched mine quite a while ago and enjoy it. It's only a few things but it helps familiarizing yourself with the language a little bit more. After a while you might discover that facebook starts showing you advertising in the new language as well... ;-)

Check this out. Learning it on Duolingo might actually be more effective.

Vthba - Since you are only taking German outside of duo once a week , you should be able to do that and spend a little time with Duo German. Your English seems great. Tschüs.

thanks Gustav!

I have a several German friends who learnt Swedish fairly quickly. They say many words are very similar, so the vocabulary is somewhat similar and the grammar is more similar to English .

I find some of the vocabulary is similar... though I never quite picked up Swedish to speak it properly (at least nobody understood me properly), but I understood quite some it.

In any case, I think you'll pick it up quite quickly :)

yeah i can see the similarity in German too ;) are you from germany? Tschüss!

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