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New Yiddish Update! (2017. 04. 27.)

As you see in the topic, here comes the new Yiddish update!:

"Dearest Duolinguists,

I apologize for such a long delay between updates -- a very busy couple of months at work are to blame. Fortunately, work for me also involves creating Yiddish instructional materials, so it's actually given me the chance to iron out issues in more advanced lessons of the Duolingo course. Still, I haven't felt I had enough news for an update. Now I do!

As you may have noticed, we've taken on a couple new contributors -- I'll be training them in the coming week or so, and we're very excited to work with them. I've been cleaning up our "support" documents for the course, in preparation for their arrival, so they’ll be able to get right on to populating our still-wintry tree with wonderful springtime linguistic foliage!

The biggest task on my plate of late has been implementing revisions to the tree structure and making sure the word lists are all up to date, so that each lesson will cover not only the intended vocabulary and grammar topics, but also all the different sorts of speech-situations we’re aiming for. Everything through Chanukah (about half the course) is set to go, and we'll be finalizing the rest shortly.

That covers it for now. I will be sending out another update soon, and will continue to do so as lessons are completed!

Mit khaverishn grus,


So, -again- lot of skhoyekh to Team Yiddish, and hopefully this amazing course will come soon...

April 29, 2017



Thanks for the update; looking forward to the course!


wonderful to hear they are making good progress! I'm looking forward to this course so much. ^_^

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