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A Spanish Bonus Skill has gone (empty slot). How can I revive it? Thank you.

March 17, 2014



Do you mean you bought it and it disappeared?


Yes, I bought it some weeks ago and ignored it after a while. Now it's gone and I'd like it back. I have enough lingots to pay for it.


It's my own fault. I should have strengthened it as it was beginning to flag (and I really have sufficient lingots.. to re-buy it once it becomes available again.) But thanks for the sympathy!


Hi SanneTwo, I think that there are two ways to do it : buy it again and start over OR try to refresh your page. If there is another way to solve this problem I will let you know as soon as possible. Also try to download the Duolingo-app (if you haven't already) and check if the bonus skill is there, because if you see it there, all you have to do is to refresh your page or log off and log in again.


Thank you. The problem is that I cannot buy it again. It tells me I already have it. As to the app, I don't even have a working mobile.... I shan't give up, however and hope to get it back somehow.

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