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"You give that girl a slice of cake."

Translation:Tu îi dai acelei fete o felie de tort.

April 29, 2017



fete is singular?


Our way of saying to this/that girl is acestei/acelei fete. Feminine things seem to transform this way into something looking like the plural. We know it is not the plural because acestei/acelei (fete) indicates the singular, while acestor/acelor (fete) would indicate plural.

I think it's called declination and it is based on case and article.

For masculine and neuter things, we seem to use a form that looks like the singular:

  • acestui/acelui băiat (singular masculine), acestor/acelor băieți (plural masculine)
  • acestui/acelui scaun (singular neuter), acestor/acelor scaune (plural neuter)

So the strange phenomenon seems to be happening for feminine things.


Thank you razvan.marin.


What a helpful post. Here's a lingot


Mulțumesc razvan.marin


Thank you for this razvan.marin. I smiled while reading your response because when I ask my Romanian-speaking girlfriend about Romanian grammar, she often answers with things like "I guess this strange phenomenon...", or "we seem to use a form...", or "I'm not sure why but I just know that's the way it is", etc. :-)


Can i use the colloquial versions of DPPA together with Gen/Dat constructions? i.E.

tu-i dai fetei aia o felie de tort

|you give her| tu-i dai |Girl in art. Gen/Dat | fetei |colloq. DPPA (fem. sing.) after art. noun | aia

How should sentences look like if i want to use: ăsta -ăla, ăştia -ăia, asta -aia, astea -alea

Thanks in advance


”tu îi dai fetei ăleia/acelea o felie de tort”


Is it possible to say "felie tortului"?


Why on earth is prajitura not accepted here as a translation for cake? In other questions it is.


Is it possible to have "Tu îi dai o felie de tort acelei fete"?


what is the difference between acelei and aceleia?

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