en días donde toque gimnasio.

There is a phrase I have translated, but still can not comprehend the meaning of "toque" in this context.

"Este ejercicio de carrera marcha atrás lo podemos meter en entrenamientos donde hagamos rodajes largos, sobre todo al inicio a modo de calentamiento, o en días donde toque gimnasio."

March 22, 2012


Nos toque gimnasio = It's our turn for gym class. While I don't know the direct translation, "tocar" can be used to mean that it's one's turn to do something.

March 23, 2012

I have also seen tocar to mean to play, as in play a musical instrument. In this sentence, I get the feeling of "playing in the gymnasium" or perhaps using the gymnasium.

March 27, 2012

that sentence is wrong. I know because im spanish native , it should be said "En dias donde nos toque/toca Gimnasio" . I guess the traslation in English is "In days where we have Gym". maybe they are talking about their gym classes or about days where they go to gym to make routines exercises

November 25, 2012

BlackHeart01 is right, the sentence is wrong or at least poorly constructed. Because they are clearly referring to a point in time, "cuando" instead of "donde" should be used, this way I think it would be more understandable "En días cuando toque gimnasio" could be translated as "For gym days"/ "For days when gym is planned" / "For days when [we|you] have gym".

Regarding the verb 'tocar', the definition being used here is this one: 14. tr. Haber llegado el momento oportuno de ejecutar algo. (from the DRAE

November 5, 2013
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