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Advice For Staying Motivated???

My sister really wants to learn Italian so I showed her Duolingo as it has been so helpful! So she downloaded the app and almost immediately deleted it. There was something I hadn't seen on Swahili that she had. I decided to check it out and tried the first lesson of Italian. It wasn't there. That is health.

She hated health. It was why she deleted this amazing app. I'm disappointed, but I still wanted her to try Italian. I recommended Busuu because I heard it's good. She's been using that.

I really want her to try learning a language because she is younger and she might pick it up easier and learning a language is so fun. She really wants to visit where Pompeii was and be able to speak the language. I want her to be able to do that but how will she stay motivated enough to go there when she's older and be able to speak Italian?


April 29, 2017



I would recommend for her to keep making new accounts on the app until she gets one without health. (Health is part of an A/B test Duolingo is doing) Here's a link to what A/B tests are: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A/B_testing


I assume she has an Iphone? Because on the Android App you don't need to use the "test-feature with hearts".
Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.nl) works also in the browser of a mobile phone. And it is a better way of learning a language, because it has "grammar tips and notes" and you have to know all the words and grammar by yourself instead of clicking on predefined words.


She can review to get more health. Repetition is one of the techniques the site uses to get the vocabulary drilled into your brain. But it can be boring, I admit. On of the ways I motivate myself is constantly reminding myself why I even bother to learn a language in the first place. I learn Italian because I want to go to various Italian cites for travel. I think Italy is a beautiful country. And I feel like it would be more meaningful to be able to experience it speaking the language of the area. I hope this helps your sister. :)


Health is very annoying, I haven't got it on this account, but on my Alpha-Testing one i do.
Though, i suppose it can be a good thing, considering you must review to earn Health bars quicker. If she doesn't like the health, Can't she do Duolingo on a computer?
If not, Memrise is good too, for learning languages. :)

[deactivated user]

    The same happened with my younger brother, except he used the web version for a little bit and he didn't have any activity and when he went to the app there was a health system. This was actually a while back before there were a lot of posts regarding health, so I wasn't really sure what was going on. He just asked me how I was so far ahead (in levels) and didn't get frustrated. I saw that he had this heart thing on his app so he just used the web version for a while (which stinks because he likes the style of lessons on the app).

    Sadly, he's been pretty discouraged from learning different languages. I know he doesn't have the same passion as me, but he still loved doing it nonetheless.

    I've tried creating new accounts for him, but everyone of them has the heart system. At this point it'd probably be better if I just let him use the app under my account.

    I really hope Duo does something about this! There should be a way to disable it for people that don't like it, and a way for people to keep it on for the people that do like it! :-)


    What is your sister's username?


    I can't remember but she deleted Duo anyways.


    Her account does still exist though. Like I said if you could get her to try again she might get an account without health.


    Unfortunately, a stirring testimony against the health system :(

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