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An alternative to activity streams to practice Swahili


We're a Swahili learning group on Discord and we are welcoming more people! We have natives and fluent speakers that you can ask questions or you can have a conversation with. Feel free to share your favorite Swahili song or a news article in Swahili! Now that Activity streams are gone, this is a good way to get Swahili practice with friends!

April 29, 2017



I went there and joined. There are a number of Swahili discussion groups but none seem to have any recent posts. What to do now? Over there I use the same name as here: ricardo71949


if you have telegram,you can join this swahili group chat for easy learning, here is a link: https://t.me/joinchat/EZ4VWUN1bMnvCNmHDm8J9g also you can share with friend if possible

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