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Your Duolingo Experience

Hi! I was just wondering about your Duolingo experience. Has it been good or bad? Has Duolingo helped you in any way?

Thanks! Happy learning!


April 29, 2017



I honestly didn't even know Swahili was a language until Duolingo. I originally wanted to learn Japanese because during that time my Japenese friend was living with us and I wanted to talk a little with him. When I realized Duo didn't have Japanese, I picked a random language, Swahili. I love it so much and now I want to go to Tanzania and help children in need when I'm older. Me learning Swahili got my sister interested in learning Italian so now she's doing that. I am so grateful for Duolingo. I love it so much!


That's great!


My daughter and I have both loved the app. It has been really fun using this to learn German and she is studying Irish. However when my wife loaded the app to start learning Esperanto she got the heart meter. It HIGHLY discourages her from using the app. It is a terrible feature if that is going to be a new thing. Really could go. I can't blame her rating the app one star. It is a lame feature and will discourage others I am sure.


She should keep making new accounts until she gets one without the health feature. It is an A/B test so it is just to see if the people with or without it enjoy their experience more. Hope it helps her and good luck on your languages!


Yes, it's an A/B test she's gotten.


Duolingo is amazing, except that the sound is clipped at the beginning of the audio recordings!


Sometimes, yep!


Si! I love duolingo!


Duolingo is amazing!


When I went to Guatemala in Central America, it helped much!


( I mean knowing some Spanish)


That's good! At least Duo did its job :)


Helped me a ton. I don't think I would have been able to learn any Romanian without it. It's surely not sufficient to learn a new language, but it gives you a great push with vocabulary, simple rules and sample sentences in the beginning


I think it's an excellent service. I don't know how I would've learned a language without Duolingo.


I started in 2013, and I'm still here. I love it. The Spanish I learned here also helped me navigate a couple of crises. So, very glad I had a little experience with the language! Additionally, I've met people from all around the world. :)


So have I. Duo is amazing!

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