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Health gems app vs lingots version

If you are trapped in the version with health and gems and don't like it go to the app store and vote it down. Put in comments you like duo but hate the health gem version.

April 29, 2017



I haven't had experience with gems but right when my sister got onto Duo sh deleted it because health was so awful.


I too have been frustrated by the iOS app experiment. Trying to start a campaign for us iOS Duolingo users to ask for what we want, instead of having glitchy gems and health. Not sure Luis is reading the iTunes app reviews but I noticed the drop in reviews and started a thread to remind the Duolingo team to rethink their direction. Way to go! Let's get this fixed.


This "health thing" is really bad. Ive used duolingo for years usually studying while I'm in a country. Recently I went to France for the first time, so I fired up the app for the first time to start learning French and immediately got locked out. Figuring this was just the new way of things I gave up and deleted the app never to use it again. Weeks later I noticed the website was still the old way so I started using that again for Spanish on my computer.

TL:DR; I instantly gave up and missed studying a new language for a month because of getting blocked by "health" as a new learner.


Its a test, down voting it won't do anything.

Just wait for it to finish, it hopefully will soon.


Downvoting the app is the fastest way to end the AB test with the outcome we desire.

[deactivated user]

    have no idea what "health" gems are(:-/


    Duo is running an AB test some phone users get a health bar every wrong answer lowers their health when it reaches zero there are three possible options. 1) wait about 8 hours for it to reset 2) limit their activity to review of previously learned material 3) buy gems with real money to renew their health. Apparently duo tried a similar product in the past and it was not as popular as the current version but I suspect they want the revenue that would come with it

    [deactivated user]

      what is up with this AB testing anyway, like, what is its purose?!


      AB tests are simply a way to choose between two outcomes in this case Duo runs two different versions of their website and compares user reaction to them. For example they recently artificially raised the fluency score of a group of users to see if those users spent more time on duo. As it turned out they spent less and what caused the disaster was when they ended the test without notice people who were in the test group saw their fluency drop 20 points overnight. Needles to say they were upset. An AB test isn't inherently bad. Right now Duo is running a test where some app users get a health bar and when it expires from making mistakes they have to either quit and wait, just review old content, or pay for more "health" in the form of gems.

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