"La feria"

Translation:The fair

March 17, 2014



Learnt that word from a cypress hill song


It should be the fair, because it would be una feria if you were saying "a fair"


Articles don't work the same in Spanish. This could be translated as just "fair" even. I heard this sentence from a real Spanish speaker in a video:

se puede tener el vehículo propio, el carro o la moto.

Which translate to "one can have their own vehicle, a car or a bike.

It's better not to translate Spanish to English word-for-word, but to instead just pick up the patterns

Time stamp 9:20ish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfbQEIPHv68 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfbQEIPHv68


In Costa Rica, la feria is the farmers' market.


NOTE: You can remember that fair=feria by thinking, a fairy fair, a fair for fairies.


Would the same word, feria, be used to say something is fair? Or is that another word in Spanish?


IDK but the Spanish word(s) justo / justa appear to be more in like with that meaning. such as "Eso no es justo" ~ That is not fair. or " Esa es una oferta justa" ~ That is a fair offer.


Fair, as in being just? Good question and hopefully someone will answer for us.


In English we have these meanings (taken from Google):

  1. treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination: "the group has achieved fair and equal representation for all its members"
  2. (of hair or complexion) light; blonde: "a pretty girl with long fair hair"
  3. considerable though not outstanding in size or amount: "he did a fair bit of coaching"
  4. (of weather) fine and dry: "a fair autumn day"

What meanings are there in Spanish?


But we are studying People, not places! What's up with that? Should I report a problem?


the market is also La feria?


In Chile la feria is an open-air market. In Northern Mexico and EEUU, feria refers to cambio suelto (loose change/small bills). In Central America, feria means propina (tip/gratuity).


"la feria" can also mean "the holiday" but usually that is written "un día de feria".


The hover hints for "feria" on Duolingo say both market and fair. They also say festival. But "the market" was counted incorrect. Reporting.

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