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A Duolingo Diet Plan - How to tie two unrelated activities together ?

Diets to lose weight usually contain two suggestions or RULES:

Rule One - Eat Less

Rule Two - Exercise More

So a Duolingo diet might require the following as both an incentive to diet and learn the language. Duolingo eat less Rule One - "Only eat things you know the word for" example Bread and Water aka Pan y Agua

Duo exercise more Rule Two "Do these ten exercise for two minute unless you know the word(s) for it, then only one minute." List of ten Exercises: Push ups, sit ups, Jumping jacks, ...

I don't like these two rules because they don't work together.

Learn a couple dozen food words and there is no restraint on eating anything that happens to be in the kitchen. And likewise with learning exercise related names.

How would you rewrite these two rules, so the diet and language learning reinforce each other and not tear each other apart?

Gooogle translate version of the above in spanish.

Las dietas para perder peso por lo general contienen dos sugerencias o reglas:

Regla Uno - Comer Menos

Regla Dos - Ejercicio Más

Unesdoc.unesco.org unesdoc.unesco.org

Así que una dieta Duolingo podría requerir lo siguiente como un incentivo para la dieta y aprender el idioma. Duolingo comer menos Regla Uno - "Sólo come cosas que sabes la palabra para" ejemplo Pan y Agua aka Pan y Agua

Ejercicio del duo más Regla Dos "Hacen estos diez ejercicios por dos minutos a menos que conozcan la palabra (s) para ella, entonces sólo un minuto". Lista de los diez ejercicios: Push ups, sit ups, Jumping jacks, ...

Unesdoc.unesco.org unesdoc.unesco.org

No me gustan estas dos reglas porque no funcionan juntas.

Aprender una docena de palabras de comida y no hay restricción en Comiendo cualquier cosa que pasa estar en la cocina. Y también con el aprendizaje de nombres relacionados con el ejercicio.

¿Cómo reescribirías estas dos reglas, de modo que la dieta y el aprendizaje de la lengua se refuerzan entre sí y no se desgarran entre sí?

April 29, 2017



How about earning the right to eat by doing Duo lessons? Make yourself earn 1 XP for every 5 calories consumed.
In other words: You have to earn 300 XP in a day to consume 1500 calories.

You will learn to be judicial with your calorie intake, because a single candy bar at 250 calories will require you to earn 50XP. An apple, on the other hand, at 80 calories, only "costs" you 16 XP.

Earn the XP before you eat the food!!


You will be rather limiting yourself if you only learn words for foodstuffs and exercises (how often are jumping jacks going to come up in a Spanish conversation?) Why not do it by calories—learn a new word (from a frequency list) for every 50 calories you consume, so a target of, say, 2000 cal would mean 40 new words per day. As that's quite a large number of words to absorb, why not subtract one from this word-count for every five minutes you exercise.


What if you only know the word for the least healthy option? If I am choosing between una manzana and chocolate it would be better for my health if I went with la manzana whether or not I know the word for it and it won't effect my language learning either way.


I don't think that the first Duolingo rule is: Only eat the things you know word for.

I think that one is: try different foods, even if you don't know the word

For the second rule I think that its: do the first exercise for at least 10 minutes, and after that you can do it more or less if you want.

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