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Why some people use an account per language?

I noticed that some people have an account for a language, and an account for another language. I didn't understand why.

What is the benefit?

April 30, 2017



I have usefully used a second account to keep me learning just one language consistently over an extended period (maintaining a streak), rather than switching about like in this account.

I have tried to use one account for learning from English with the sound on, and one account for the trees into English with the sound off; this works better than using the sound options in the settings (which I was prone to forgetting to change), particularly with separate browsers, when each account can be left logged in. (I have however decided I'm not that much into reverse trees.)

I have used one account to complete a tree, then a second account to test out partway so as to recomplete those lessons I could not test out of. This keeps me from losing my XP progress and level in my first account, and lets me use the uncompleted lessons to track what I should be doing each day, rather than relying either on memory, written progress notes, or Duolingo's algorithm. This was not why I got a second account, just an incidental practice method to try out. I don't think this is necessarily such a good thing because if someone does create a second account just for this - because they don't want to lose their XP and level progress - it is possible they will feel the same way about the progress in the second account, and thus have two accounts with identical trees but separate XP. The more definite benefit is from testing out then recompleting the tree, which can be achieved just by resetting a tree anyway.

I have discovered that on a mobile device, on the website, I cannot see the full range of languages I am signed up to in the dropdown from the flag near the top right of the screen. I can spread the languages between two accounts to compensate for this GUI fail. (I cannot use a course switching userscript on aforementioned mobile device.)

Sometimes a second account can be used to try a course's first few lessons before committing to it on one's main account.

Some people have created second accounts to see what Duolingo's beta tests for new users are. (If any new user needs help, I can't help them - neither of my accounts has remotely the same feature set as them. As new users are those who most often need help, there is almost no point in me looking at the troubleshooting forum.)

Some people have one student account, and one personal account.

When there were activity feeds, some people probably had one account to tell their family about and one to tell their friends about.

Some official incubator course testers have an account to test the incubating tree.


Oh! Very useful! I was expecting someone who actually uses that method. Thank you.

"Sometimes a second account can be used to try a course's first few lessons before committing to it on one's main account."

Yes, but you can erase your progress, and then add the language again.

For one student account and one personal account, is it asked by the school?

For beta testers, that's a different matter.

"I have discovered that on a mobile device, on the website, I cannot see the full range of languages I am signed up to in the dropdown from the flag near the top right of the screen"

Oh yes, that's a bug, they should fix it, it's the same on some browser. I manage to get around by going on the "add a language" page.

What's the benefit to learn with sound and without sound? Just curious about it.

You don't need separate browsers, you can use extensions to switch cookies accounts, maybe it would take less RAM.

I didn't get well the testing pathway part. I've found that making the trees twice, completely, is very useful, because we understand better, and in a different way, basics with the knowledge given by the whole tree, but I use the same account. I do the lessons in their order.

For new users help, I think there is so much A/B test, that I'm not convinced it would be really helpful. Did you see some new things for new accounts that were not when you registered the first time?


For the sound, when learning (for example) German from English, I want the sound, but when "learning" English from German I don't want the sound because English is my native language already, and hearing it just disrupts my German-learning mindset.

For schools, it would depend on the school. I know I have seen some students stating they have multiple accounts. I think one person stated they already had an account but were given a new one by their school.

I also am not convinced there is much point in creating accounts to see new features, for the same reason. I have seen no major feature differences (they played around with search results on one account a month ago); sometimes a course updates on one account before the other. At the moment I think there are more (cosmetic) changes to see because of the site-wide change in code-base going on, but I have seen no major new features.


I think they don't know how to learn more languages on the same account so they make anothe one to learn the language, or just because to get more lingots as BayernMunichTran said.


There's a problem with how Duolingo welcome new users, rules and possibilities are not well explained.


While I don't use an account per language, I do have a backup account. I mainly use this account for seeing how well I'm retaining. As I'm not done with any of my language trees, from time to time I like to go into my second account and take a placement test and see if I can place myself into approx the same point as where I am on my real account. I also used this account for playing around with the reverse tree for FR-ENG at one point. For some reason, I also used this account on mobile for a while instead of my main one. Not sure why I did that. I might have been just testing something out...


Interesting, the placement test has to be passed before starting the lessons? I've never used that. I only pass the certificate several times when my tree is finished.

The reverse tree, you can use it from your main account, why 2 accounts?


You don't have to pass the placement test to start the lessons, but I just wanted to take the placement test and see where I fell in the tree after taking it. I've yet to complete my French tree so I basically used it to see if my tree was on par with what I was retaining.

And I dabbled with the reverse tree VERY early on into my learning. I think I just mainly decided to mess with it a little because it was just in front of me. Like, I don't think I realized at the time I could do reverse trees or learn from any language other than what I told Duo that I spoke. So when I opened up Duo in another browser and saw that I could tell it that I wanted to learn English from French, I created a new account to test it. It was over 2 years ago that I messed with it though, so I might try it again soon.


So, for placement test, you are probably forced to use another account (because it doesn't seem to tell you your level when you've already are further in the lessons), but for learning other language not from English, it's all Duolingo's fault. I think the functionalities are very poorly explained.


I once saw someone ask if they could combine two accounts because they didn't know they could switch languages before making the second one.


I recently created another account just to do "placement tests" in the languages i'm learning without affecting my trees.

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