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"Il a posé quelques questions à mon propos."

Translation:He asked a few questions about me.

March 1, 2013



I'm having trouble figuring out the use of "propos" in this sentence. Its definition seems to be "comments" or "intention" and that, to me, seems like the indirect object, not "me". Is "mon propos" some idiom I just can't justify in my head?


Various nuances with word "propos"

  • surveillez vos propos = watch your words
  • à propos, comment va-t-il ? = talking about that, how is he doing?
  • à propos de ta lettre, ... = "in relation to your letter" or "concerning your letter" or "about your letter" or "when it comes to your letter"
  • mon propos n'est pas de vous contredire = my purpose is not to contradict you


In your examples, I can see the relationship between 'mon propos' or 'à propos' and their English equivalents. But mapping those to the sentence in question would still imply that "he asked a few questions about my words/intentions/comments/something-related-to-me". I still don't understand how "mon propos" leads directly to "me".

Are there other sentences that would illustrate the "mon propos"/"me" relationship?


Sorry, I was not clear enough.

  • "à mon propos", also said "à propos de moi" means "about me".
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