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Incorrect translations

I have just started doing these and I am really enjoying it. However the last one I tried was refused, not a problem, but the accepted answer did not make sense in English. I wasn't able to comment or edit as the programme only allowed me to move onto a different translation or cancel. I have tried to find the offending translation to no avail.

March 1, 2013



We're working on this! Next time try and grab a screenshot and send it to us via the feedback tab to the left of this page, so that we can take a look. Thanks!


Will do. The article was on the Bombyx du mûrier butterfly if that helps. I noticed someone else has given it a no vote and reading through the article there are quite a few passages that don't make sense not just the sentence I was given.


I have trouble getting to the Italian real world translations! Everytime I click on the envelope to get there, no matter in which lesson, nothing happens. I already tried different ones in different lessons and refreshing my browser, but nothing helps...

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