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Sakha Language

Hello,I'm A Russian and my hobby is learning languages.I have relatives from Sakha but they're Russian.Sakha is an endangered language and I want to learn it so if Duolingo could take into consideration adding Sakha then I'd appreciate it.

April 30, 2017



Have a look at this post about how to suggest a language course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194.

Sakha hasn't been suggested yet - you might want to get in contact with Lrtward or Jrikhal to get it added.


Thanks for the shout-out, hughcparker :)
Yakut (Sakha) has now been added to the guide.


With 450 000 native speakers I wouldn't consider it to be endangered.


I doubt that Duolingo will ever add this language, but you can never know. Meanwhile I would learning it on Memrise instead



UNESCO has Yakut on its list of endangered languages although classified as Vulnerable, not Endangered. I don't think Russian minority languages in general are that well-protected even though Yakut seems to have a reasonably strong foothold in Sakha Republic.


They've added languages a whole lot "smaller" than this one. Granted, it might be more feasible in many ways as a course for Russian speakers, which would probably make it quite underappreciated by the folks in Pittsburgh. Russian-language Duolingo is in my opinion the most vibrant corner after English of the ones I'm familiar with.


I really want to learn Sakha too but I haven't been able to find any resources anywhere :(


There is a Memrize course, but no duolingo-formatted resources


I would love it! I've been hopeful that one day some of the smaller languages of Russia would make an appearance here!


I want Sakha course to be added! Posting to show my intent!


so we will never see this course. kinda sad

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