"A face o friptură nu este ușor."

Translation:To make a steak is not easy.

April 30, 2017

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I think that should be "a gati o friptura nu este usor"! I think I'm starting to understand the grammar better now which is why i used "gati" for cook as it is the verb describing the action of the cook and i think Bucator would be understood as cook as in "Chef" maybe? ;)


It is true that it means a găti but, just like in English, we use a face with the same meaning! Bucătar is chef/cook indeed.


Is a steak made in the butcher shop (to cut) or in the kitchen (to cook). I would make a meal, a pie or a bowl of mashed potatoes, but not a steak, which I would grill or something else specific. For this lesson I used "fix," and it was rejected as expected.


Why is wrong if I use the english synthax "Is not easy to make a steak"?


English syntax requires a grammatical subject. In the suggested translation, the subject is "to make a stake." If those words are moved into the predicate, you have to add a dummy subject to keep the sentence in balance: "It is not easy to make a steak."


why not "ușoară", since e are talking about "o friptură" ?


Here ușor is used as an adverb and not an adjectiv. In other words: ușor does not belong to o friptură, it belongs to the verb.


It is not easy to cook a stake would be a better English,I think, but I'm not native english speaker. Your comment plese?


It is easy to make a stake. Buffy the vampire slayer did that many times.

You meant "steak". I am not making fun of you. I just want you to buy a good English dictionary if you are doing one of Duo's English to some other language to check your spellings. I am English and I make mistakes in English spelling every day. I recommend the Oxford English Dictionary, Cassel's English Dictionary, Collin's English Dictionary, Webster's English Dictionary, and Funk And Wagnell's English Dictionary. The first three are British and the last two are American.

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