"A face o friptură nu este ușor."

Translation:To make a steak is not easy.

April 30, 2017



I think that should be "a gati o friptura nu este usor"! I think I'm starting to understand the grammar better now which is why i used "gati" for cook as it is the verb describing the action of the cook and i think Bucator would be understood as cook as in "Chef" maybe? ;)

April 30, 2017


It is true that it means a găti but, just like in English, we use a face with the same meaning! Bucătar is chef/cook indeed.

April 30, 2017


Is a steak made in the butcher shop (to cut) or in the kitchen (to cook). I would make a meal, a pie or a bowl of mashed potatoes, but not a steak, which I would grill or something else specific. For this lesson I used "fix," and it was rejected as expected.

April 19, 2018
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