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¿Alguien para practicar Inglés Intermedio-Avanzado?

Necesito de su ayuda para mejorar mi nivel de Inglés. :)

May 1, 2017

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Lie to us...

Hello there...the phrase above is what a teacher of mine used to tell to me and my english classmates, when we had to perform and improvise an english conversation...It was funny...We could say anything as long as it was grammatically correct, in english...

So, what you wouldn't lie about?


Hi, it's a nice activity n.n I wouldn't lie about love


Hello...That's good to know...Love is something people shouldn't lie about...


Hi, I need to improve my English, overall in speaking, so I would like to start a conversation in intermediate - high English level, someone here?


Hi. I need to practice English, Help me and I help you. My What`s app 9992576766 My Facebook Yisus Jaex Evolution. I live in Merida Yucatan.

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